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The fiduciary responsibilities of trustees and investment committee members are matters of meaningful legal consideration. Fulfilling your role in a world of ever-changing regulations, fiduciary obligations, and an increasingly complex investment environment can be overwhelming. As a trustee or committee member, one of your primary responsibilities is to act in a prudent manner. Engaging a consultant who will act as a fiduciary to review and/or create written policies that adhere to “prudent person” guidelines will increase the plan’s probability of achieving its stated goals and objectives.

Our Process:

Our institutional process is focused on accomplishing the stated goal while educating the fiduciaries responsible for plan oversight. Years of experience in institutional consulting affords us unique perspective into problem solving and creating a framework to deliver customized results.

Services We Provide

• Defined Benefit Consulting • Defined Contribution Consulting • 3(21) Fiduciary Consulting • 3(38) Fiduciary Consulting • Investment Policy Statement Development • Asset Allocation Studies • Asset/Liability Analysis • Investment Manager Search and Selection • Investment Manager Review • Institutional Performance Reports • Vendor Reviews • Vendor Searches


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