Wealth Across Generations

In our increasingly complex and dynamic world, the quality of your professional financial resources can mean the difference between merely competent wealth management and truly building an enduring financial legacy that will stand the test of time. Market forces ebb and flow, regulatory and tax environments continuously shift, and data moves at progressively faster speeds. For today’s successful entrepreneur, expert financial advisory services are vital to safeguarding the wealth they worked so hard to generate, but there’s a higher level of service to which we aspire.

We are Integrated, and our name reflects a powerful philosophy: That the advantages of superior financial stewardship go beyond effective portfolio management. It means having a deep understanding of family dynamics, anticipating and positioning for business transitions, and effectively analyzing liquidity and liability. It involves coordinating with other trusted resources that impact risk management and legal safeguards. We are Integrated, and we want to be the lead in helping you secure your financial future for generations to come.

Entrepreneurial By Nature

Visionary, risk-taker, dreamer—these are just a few of the words often used to define the modern-day entrepreneur. Perceptive, driven, optimistic, even opportunistic—all of these descriptors ring true to our ears. To be sure, the entrepreneurial spirit lives within each and every one of us at Integrated, and that affords unparalleled perspective when it comes to wealth planning. Whether such planning takes place prior to a liquidity event when careful analysis and preparation can materially affect outcomes, or after such an event when tax liability and estate considerations are paramount, you can count on us to draw upon our affinity for entrepreneurship in guiding you along a path of minimized risk and maximized return. The right strategic safeguards can be instrumental in preserving what you have worked so hard to build on your path to success.

Just as every entrepreneur is unique, practical examination of individual circumstances is crucial to any successful wealth-planning endeavor. Standardized institutional solutions can never take the place of independent, thoughtful, measured assessment when it comes to lighting the way forward. That’s the guiding principle that illuminates our proprietary insights. That’s Integrated.

Family Oriented By Design

Whether their wealth springs from an entrepreneurial enterprise or some other source, affluent families increasingly realize that strategically organized and managed family offices can be an effective path to a lasting family legacy—one that supports each member’s prerogative to pursue their respective passions and priorities. Cue Integrated. Decades of experience in data and trend analysis, risk assessment, comprehension of family dynamics, etc., are the hallmarks of our approach to establishing and robustly maintaining family offices. When combined with access to our focused network of trusted professional advisors, Integrated emerges as the primary resource in which you can confidently place your faith and your future.

Family Office is a term that is frequently misused or misunderstood, even by financial planners. Think of it as a way to make it easier for families to manage their assets through enhanced communication, cooperation, and collaboration. The Integrated approach to family offices is rigorous and disciplined, and it starts with developing a thorough understanding of a client’s unique set of circumstances. We ask, we listen and learn, and we construct a detailed picture of assets, obligations, cash flow, key-advisor relationships, etc. The goal is a deep understanding of your family’s finances so that we can manage risk, process information and protect family members well into the future.

Let us show you first-hand how a client-centered fiduciary advisory organization can help ensure your wealth will be there across generations. We aspire to be considered by our clients and the world at large as nothing less than the very best stewards of capital. Here are some of the crucial services Integrated performs extraordinarily well:

• Pre-sale planning for entrepreneurs facing a liquidity event • Wealth planning after a liquidity event • Preparing for family business transitions • Liquidity and liability analysis • Planning and family dynamics • Estate and insurance analysis • Investment management consulting • Trust and fiduciary consulting


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