Mission-Based Financial Stewardship

Sound financial stewardship for mission-based organizations is as imperative as it is for any other enterprise. Maintaining adequate liquidity, predictable cash flow, and durable asset growth are essential requirements to ensure the viability of your nonprofit’s operations and legacy well into the future. The environment in which today’s nonprofit management teams must operate is increasingly complex and dynamic. Board members face daunting fiduciary responsibilities as they seek to faithfully execute their duties. Simply put, if you’re a public charity, foundation, endowment or other nonprofit, you need the objective perspective, the breadth and depth of experience, and the unvarnished financial illumination we can provide.

We are Integrated, and our name reflects a powerful philosophy: that the advantages of superior financial guidance for nonprofits go beyond effective portfolio management. It means exploring your investment rationale, whether it be ESG, MRI, or PRI priorities, or the pursuing of uniquely uncorrelated investment opportunities. Most of all, it means partnering with an investment consulting resource that combines significant industry experience with boutique-level service. We are Integrated, and we are instrumental in helping organizations like yours realize their goals and achieve their mission.

Responsible Prudence

Even the best-intended altruistic causes can be ineffective without careful attention to the financial challenges that nonprofits grapple with every day. Private foundations and public charities alike realize their greatest success when they faithfully adhere to sound spending and investment policies that spring from thoughtful strategy, prudent proactivity and insight that only an experienced and responsible resource like Integrated can provide. We ascertain your unique culture, your challenges and your benevolent ambitions with passion and intent. We collaborate with your team to clearly define expected outcomes, and then we execute at an extraordinarily high level. Integrated. It’s not just our name. It’s our process and our promise.


While working collaboratively with clients is fundamental to our approach, it’s not the only mode in which we collaborate to advance the goals and objectives of nonprofit organizations. Our very name reflects the core belief that bringing our best thinking to bear in coordination with fiduciary proficiencies, uniquely tailored strategies, and disciplined execution can propel your organization forward in powerful ways. Should your organization require additional specialized resources, or need to augment existing ones, we can enlist such resources from our own highly qualified network of professionals who pledge to be partners in integrity. Integrated can bring it all together seamlessly and efficiently.

Ultimately, the only performance that genuinely and reliably propels us toward our aspirations is a performance that exceeds expectations. That is to say, one that quantifiably excels. From big-picture expertise like macro portfolio theory to tactical shifts designed to reduce risk, Integrated promises our best effort on behalf of your nonprofit. Whether your motivation to dedicate yourself to a cause is altruistic or driven by more practical considerations, chances are you’ve made sacrifices to make a difference. You shouldn’t also have to sacrifice superior investment consulting and client advocacy.
That’s integrated. Let us perform for you.

As a financial consulting concern steeped in the charitable foundation and nonprofit experience, our goal is to be your partner in the pursuit of ongoing success for the mission and long-term sustainability for the organization. Here are some of the crucial services Integrated can provide with impressive proficiency:

Foundation, endowment and planned giving • Fiduciary compliance consulting Spending policy consulting and development  Investment policy consulting and development Strategic asset allocation studies  Manager search and selection PRI and MRI analysis Custom performance reporting  Ongoing investment manager due diligence Custody and trustee searches


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