Prudent Expertise

The fiduciary responsibilities of trustees and investment committee members are matters of meaningful legal consideration. Fulfilling your role in a world of ever-changing regulations, fiduciary obligations, and an increasingly complex investment environment can be overwhelming. As a trustee or committee member, one of your primary responsibilities is to act in a prudent manner. Engaging a consultant who will act in a fiduciary capacity to review and/or create written policies that adhere to “prudent person” guidelines will increase the plan’s probability of achieving its stated goals and objectives.

We are Integrated, and our name reflects a powerful philosophy; that the needs of trustees and investment committee members are not one-dimensional, and that superior financial guidance goes beyond effective portfolio management. The multi-faceted needs of trustees make it vital to partner with an investment consulting firm that combines significant industry expertise with boutique-level service.

Going Beyond Mere Portfolio Management

Our approach focuses on supporting you in fulfilling the stated objectives and goals of your plan. The Integrated process focuses on ensuring adherence to policy through specific investment policy design, custom asset allocation guidelines, disciplined execution, and robust performance reporting and review. As prudent experts, we are fully prepared to stand with you in pursuit of your plan’s beneficiaries’ best interests.

As a fiduciary, we are focused on your responsibilities and your beneficiaries’ best interests. We do not receive compensation beyond our advisory fee. Our individualized approach goes beyond boilerplate asset allocation strategies and standard cookie-cutter investment policy statements, to one that is built on your plan’s specific goals and objectives.  Our open-architecture investment universe allows us to pursue investments that carry enhanced risk-adjusted return characteristics without being restricted to investments promoted by a particular firm. We have developed a reporting and review protocol that monitors your investments returns and compliance with your policy statement.

Our independent boutique structure allows our experienced professionals to focus directly on you and your plan’s needs. There is no cross-selling agenda, no call center, no required sponsored-investment agenda, and no restriction on the pursuit or analysis of appropriate investment structures and vehicles.

We are positioned to meet your needs whether your plan requires a 3(21) fiduciary without discretion or a 3(38) fiduciary with discretion. As 3(21) advisors, Integrated provides collaborative guidance and advice that plan committees can rely on. Committees possessing financial or investment expertise can look to Integrated to help them bring their plan into strategic focus with coordinated prudence and precision. As 3(38) managers, Integrated has the experience and the expertise to execute on all aspects of your investment policy statement. Engaging Integrated to act in a 3(38) capacity allows you to focus your resources on other priorities in your organization.

Integrated Fiduciary Advisory Services has a successful history advising plan sponsors. The insights gained through these experiences support the attainment of plan goals for the benefit of plan beneficiaries.

Some of the services that we provide are listed below;

Defined Benefit Consulting • Defined Contribution Consulting • 3(21) Fiduciary Consulting • 3(38) Fiduciary Consulting • Investment Policy  Statement Development • Asset Allocation Studies • Asset/Liability Analysis • Investment Manager Search and Selection • Investment Manager Review • Institutional Performance Reports • Vendor Searches • Vendor Reviews

As our name implies, we believe in integrating those individuals with specialized knowledge to form a team focused on your plan. We take pride in effectively and insightfully coordinating these resources on behalf of our clients. That is prudent expertise. That is Integrated.

We’d love to talk to you in greater detail about your plans your sponsoring, and how Integrated can take you beyond mere portfolio management.


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